chapter  Chapter VIII
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Grant Rules of 1830 and Grants of Forest Lands 1829–1836

WithFrederick Eden Pargiter

Mr. Dampier proposed to do away with it in the case of respectable persons, and substitute a simple agreement that the lands were taken for cultivation, and that the grantees would pay the revenue at the end of the free term. References were accordingly made to the Salt Agents of the 24-Parganas and Jessore, and they explained what lands they wished to have set apart for their use. In making the grants special attention was directed to the subject of boundaries and area, which were to be specified with the utmost possible precision, and where that could not be done, provision was to be made in the lease for their determination when the lands were cleared. Some uncertainty arose regarding the dates to be assigned to the grants, for, after applications had been sanctioned and possession given, the grantees in some cases neglected to execute their engagements.