chapter  1
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Digital Mythopoeia

Exploring Modern Myth-Making in The Legend of Zelda
WithAlicia Fox-Lenz

As the progenitor of Zelda, Miyamoto compares readily to Tolkien, who has similar cultural and commercial success with a deep level of worldbuilding. As with Middle-earth, the sub-creation of Hyrule grounds itself in reality by including a well fleshed-out mythology that unfolds with each new installment of the series. This mythology poises The Legend of Zelda franchise as both sub-creation and a work of mythopoeia. If mythopoeic literature endeavors to bring the underlying truths Tolkien describes to a modern audience, and modern audiences increasingly interact with digital literature and interactive media, then mythopoeia will become more present in these media. Zelda makes mythopoeia relevant to a new generation via a richly crafted world with its own cosmogony and legends created by Miyamoto and his team of developers.