chapter  15
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The practice of anti-corruption and integrity of government

On the moral learning side of the story
WithJulien Topal

This chapter aims to make the case for installing moral learning processes ‘on the ground’, within government organizations in the fight against corruption and towards good governance. It deals with a short preliminary note on anti-corruption and integrity. The chapter draws on some key concepts from behavioural ethics to draw up a set of necessary conditions to which any type of moral learning must answer. It proposes to speak of integrity instead of speaking of corruption and anti-corruption to capture this broader strategy. Integrity of government is not simply the nonexistence of corrupt acts but concerns the general ethical quality of government in terms of servicing the public good and protecting individual’s rights. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development report takes the insights from behavioural ethics to heart and sets to translates them into a coherent set of policy advices to strengthen public integrity.