chapter  16
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Ethical integration in EU law

The prevailing normative theories in EGE opinions
WithMatthias Pirs, Markus Frischhut

This chapter focuses on the role of the EGE in integrating specific normative theories in various contexts of European Union policymaking and legislation by means of its latest published opinions, retrievable from its official website. Regarding the underlying research methodology, all 30 publicly available opinions of the EGE were investigated as part of the qualitative content analysis (QCA), thereby pursuing an inductive research approach for deriving ‘rules of prediction’ in an explorative way through latent reading of the text. After all, the QCA research on EGE opinions faced some limitations. The QCA mainly took those philosophical schools of thought into account that were referred to in the main line of reasoning by the EGE. The chapter discusses the main results of the EGE’s advocated normative theories amply reflected in its opinions. It outlines the future perspective of the EGE.