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WithKen Robinson

This third book in the series Perspectives on Dance, Young People and Change explores how dance is crossing borders, can give voice, agency and empower young people in creative and innovative ways that are responding to the growing destabilised political, geographical and environmental spheres of the 21st century and have led to a focus on cooperative and collaborative dance initiatives across borders of different kinds that can foster positive change in young people’s experiences and their understanding of each other and the world. This volume, Dancing Across Borders encompasses a network of interwoven themes revolving around the key concept of ‘borders’, including cultural/national borders, school/subject borders, formal and non-formal education. Dance impacts other art forms through interdisciplinary contexts that revitalise subject areas and curriculum design whilst enabling imagination and individual expression to countless young lives. Exchanges between dancers and audiences, teaching artists, practitioners, community groups and educators working with young people in the myriad of projects that are presented in the book also address socio-economic, cultural, gender and age/generational borders as well as the coexistence with nature.