chapter  10
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Who sets the limits for us to dance?

Dance for equal movement rights in Estonia
WithAnu Sööt, Raido Mägi

This chapter aims to give an overview of limits in dance. To whom is dance accessible and ‘allowed’? What kinds of limits are set by different bodies? What kinds of limits are set by social formats and norms? What kinds of limits do we set for ourselves? Although the topic of differences – different bodies, different ways of moving – has already been discussed in dance and dance education globally for a while, it continues to be relevant even today. Estonia, whose history includes a long, nearly 50-year period of occupation, with its own characteristic social norms was, therefore, cut off from the art form and disciplines in education in the world, is in some sense only now discovering the options for inclusive education and art and is in the middle of an ongoing social debate on differences. On one day near the end of 2018, Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (Independent Dance Stage) and the Estonian Society of People with Moving Disabilities invited everyone to dance for equal movement rights.