chapter  13
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Dancing across the wall(s) of exclusion

Reflections of two dance teachers on overcoming barriers to difference in dance education
WithAlfdaniels Mabingo, Susan Koff

How can pedagogies from different dance traditions be pursued in the era of nation-state nativism? How can the dance teachers participate in applying pedagogies that aim to deepen inclusion of different cultures as opposed to their exclusion? These questions emerge from the current wave of nation-state nativism, which is sweeping across Western Europe and the United States of America. In this chapter, we offer critical reflections as answers to the foregoing questions. We draw on the existing literature to highlight the current state of exclusion of diverse pedagogies from different dance traditions within the western academic parameters. Drawing on these literary configurations and our autoethnographic anecdotal teaching experiences as dance educators who have taught in intercultural contexts, we provide perspective on how pedagogic phenomena can be diversified as a response to the exclusionary nation-state nativism. The chapter engages critical dance pedagogy theory and the idea of culturally inclusive dance pedagogy to illuminate how pluralisation of teaching practices can advance knowledge that embraces and at the same time tap into the prevailing flow of dance practices, ideas and people. The chapter offers viewpoints to the existing discourses that problematise the current phenomenon of nation-state nativism and its implications on the arts.