chapter  19
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Breaking the fourth wall

Getting closer to the audience through participatory experience of dance
WithAnna C. Y. Chan

WE Dance is a participatory experience that “welcomes everyone to dance” initiated by West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong in 2016 with the aims to connect people through shared dance stories and new dance adventures. Each monthly outdoor event, WE Dance invites local dance organisations to showcase performances and host participatory workshops that encourage the public to join in and experience different types of dance first-hand. The goal is to connect people from diverse backgrounds and show that art and life are inseparable, to move away from the notion of presenting art to a passive audience and to foster a culture of active participation. This narrative will share the process of working with different dance organisations and highlight how the project encourage young participants to set their imagination free, express themselves creatively through dance and develop leadership and curatorial skills.