chapter  20
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Learning through an artistic experience – connecting dance and visual art in the project ‘Movement and Its Trace’

WithVesna Geršak, Uršula Podobnik

The main goal of the interdisciplinary project Movement and Its Trace was to integrate and connect the fields of dance and visual art into school curriculum. In the project, 30 pupils from the third grade of elementary school, 2 teachers, 30 student teachers, three artists (choreographer, art artist and composer) and the museum curator were included. The main theme of the project was the ‘line’ representing a trace of motion and an artistic creation. Through active participations third-grade students were able to visit the museum, embody selected contents, freely express themselves through visual art and dance and even perform on stage. We used the following measurement tools: visual art tests to check how the students visualise concepts of factory, line, space and freedom before and after the workshops and semi-structured interviews in which students were asked how they experienced experimental workshops. Analyses of visual art tests have shown that, especially in concrete terms, individual students made enormous progress in understanding and performing the concepts. The obvious progress was also made in the individual artistic expression shown by visual art elements included into students’ drawings whilst at the group level the number of different visualisations of particular concept increased. Students expanded their range of notions of certain concepts and during creative process developed their dancing expression.