chapter  12
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Half a century of energy policy, planning, and debate – summary and outlook

WithFinn Arler, Karl Sperling

The story of ethics in Danish energy policy and planning over half a century resembles those of other Western/European industrialized countries in many respects. They have all experienced or been challenged by rapid growth, two oil crises, acid rain, conflicts about nuclear power, liberalization, climate change, global justice, sustainable development, etc. Still, the Danish story is also unique in various respects, partly due to special circumstances, and partly due to the influence of ethical concerns and priorities on shifting public movements, entrepreneurs, energy experts and political coalitions at various stages. The first part of the final chapter sums up some of the most important changes that have occurred through the last 50 years, with a special focus on influential considerations. The second part of the chapter focuses on some main challenges that lie ahead, in terms of fulfilling the ambition of removing fossil fuels from the energy system before 2050.