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Addition of lifestyle compatibility and trust in modified UTAUT2 model to analyze continuance intention of customers in using mobile payment

WithH. Permana, Indrawati

This study aims to find the factors that influence the intention to continue the use of m-payment XYZ in Indonesia by using the modified UTAUT2 model. This study uses a questionnaire in data collection from 400 respondents in a metropolitan city and megapolitan areas in Indonesia. The results showed that factors that had the highest influence on continuance intention on users of m-payment XYZ were Habit. The added variables in the research model show the results that Trust and Lifestyle Compatibility are substantial and significant factors that influence after Habit sequentially, followed by Performance Expectancy and Hedonic Motivation. Age only moderates the influence of Lifestyle Compatibility on Continuance Intention. The R-Square in this study was 70.2%, so it was in the “Good” category to predict the intention to continue using m-payment XYZ