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Measuring the smart office index: A case study from Telkomsel smart office

WithIndrawati, A.A. Sekarini, A. Husni

In realizing a sustainable smart city, a smart building concept is needed that can support energy efficiency and maintain the security and comfort level of residents/employees. One of the building forms that use the most energy is office buildings; therefore, office buildings must be managed intelligently or converted into smart offices. Previous research on smart building has found variables and indicators that builders can use to measure smart building. However, this model has not been tested to measure building a smart office. Required data were collected by conducting in-depth interviews with thirty-eight respondents. The result revealed that the Telkomsel Smart Office (TSO) building has an index of 85.92, which is in the good category. Even though it was considered good, the authors suggest that the building owner can improve the smart elevator and HVAC systems in the building since these two indicators received poor scores.