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Measuring smart office index as part of smart building: A case from Telkom Landmark Tower

WithIndrawati, M.R.M. Siahaan, H. Amani

The Telkom Landmark Tower (TLT) building is owned by PT. Telkom Indonesia and used for office space. The TLT was designed as a smart office intended to keep the building comfortable and safe, as well as to make operating costs and energy consumption more efficient. No study has measured if the objective of converting the TLT into a smart building has been achieved. Therefore, this research explored the variables and indicators used for measuring a smart office, which are then used to measure the TLT. To achieve this objective, researcher performed a literature review and in-depth interviews with thirty-seven experts and users in building management and office building operations. This study found seven variables – namely, building automation system, building control system, energy management system, safety and security management system, enterprise management system, IT network connectivity, and green building construction – with twenty-three indicators to measure the index of the TLT as a smart office. The result showed that the index of the TLT is 86.68, which is in the good or satisfactory category.