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Analysis of makeup product reviews using the LDA-based topic modeling method (Case study: Cushion Pixy Make It Glow)

WithN.A. Lukman, N. Trianasari

Indonesia is a promising market for the beauty industry. Based on the 2015–2035 National Industrial Development Master Plan (RIPIN), the cosmetics industry has a role as a prime mover in the future economy. PIXY is a local cosmetic manufacturer in Indonesia that has just repositioned its products with the aim of becoming the one and only local choice for Indonesian people. PIXY won the Best Beauty Products 2018 cushion series Make It Glow from Femaledaily based on user reviews. User reviews are also referred to as user-generated content (UGC) and can be utilized for the first stage of product development – namely, consumer analysis. Topic modeling was used to find out which topics consumers often discuss. The topics formed were classified as satisfied and unsatisfied. A total of 817 data points were obtained. The topic discussed as a whole is an expression of praise with the results of this product. Suggestions for PIXY indicated that overall results are good while maintaining the formulation of glowing and wet, mild, upfront effects to improve product formulation. Therefore the product does not oxidize so that it makes the skin gray.