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Descriptive analysis: Perception index for measuring variables in e-commerce domination

WithS.H. Komariah, R.Y. Arumsari

Visual design is the study of communication applying illustrations, letters, colors, composition, and layout by processing graphic design elements. One’s creativity rises when facing a problem in visualizing a design in order to achieve functional, persuasive, artistic, aesthetic, and verbal communication. The public has already been familiar with advertising design. Based on the three variables studied in this research, advertising plays a very important role in business. This study showed that the advertising media variable has a perceptual index value of 72.25, from which we can conclude that the variable of advertising media is in the high category. The results of the study are expected to be the basis of consideration for advertisers in designing an advertisement, i.e. by taking any factors having a dominant impact on the effectiveness of an advertisement into account in reference to the target perception.