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Management of sheep-fighting (domba adu) tourism in Rancabango village, Tarogong Kaler, Garut (case study of BUMDES, or village foundations)

WithD. Qoriah, M.D. Ungkari, H. Muharam

Tourism potential in the village of Rancabango, Tarogong subdistrict, Garut regency, is very fascinating because it includes the breeding and maintenance of Garut sheep, paraglide hills, the Gunung Putri camping ground, and the sheep-fighting competition. The large tourism potential is accompanied by problems that have not been resolved optimally. These problems include: (1) tourism management that has not been well managed (2) the involvement of the village foundation and local communities has not been organized (3) the youth and housewives’ participation in the village is still very minimal. The purpose of this study was to find out how village management is applied to sheep-fighting (domba adu) tourism. The research method used was descriptive qualitative research, in order to analyze, explain, and describe it in more depth. Data were obtained through field and library research.