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Organizational justice: A literature review and managerial implications for future research

WithA.D. Putri, N. Dudija

A company plays an important role in managing employees in order to produce the maximum results and encourage a high level of loyalty to the company. One aspect that companies need to pay attention to is managing organizational justice. Organizational justice in principle is balancing the rights and responsibilities of management and employees. Organizational justice has a strong influence on an organization. If an organization cannot treat its employees fairly, then it may negatively impact the organization by reducing employee productivity at work, decreasing the level of employee loyalty, and creating an unhealthy work environment. This study examines the literature on organizational justice, which consists of three main aspects – distributive, procedural, and interactional justice. In addition, in this paper, a systematic literature review is used to analyze previous research. This research contributes theoretically by highlighting latent factors influenced by organizational justice.