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The strategic roles of overseas Indonesian students’ organizations in promoting brain circulation

WithU.W. Ruhmana, M. Hanita

Continuing study abroad is becoming increasingly popular among Indonesian students. It is a strong requirement of Indonesia to pursue the international competitiveness related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Overseas Indonesian students’ organizations take an important role in supporting the country in achieving this agenda. The purpose of this research was to analyze the role of the Overseas Indonesian Students’ Association Alliance (OISAA) in creating and maintaining the brain circulation mindset of the organization members in their homeland. This study adopted a qualitative research method in order to examine the OISAA program by looking at its annual symposium over the past ten years. The results found that the OISAA has contributed to promoting turning brain drain into brain circulation both for Indonesian domestic students and for Indonesian diaspora students. It provides three strategic roles: encouraging students to study abroad then contribute to their homeland, creating community knowledge both in the OISAA and in the homeland, and raising the national resilience indexes in the ideological sector and among human resources.