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Tool for analyzing YouTube audience behavior in Indonesia

WithIndrawati, F. Herbawan

Using marketing media, the company needs to choose which media are suitable through which to advertise to the target market for the product offered. YouTube is one of the best communication mediums for video advertising, which is currently the most effective medium for communicating a brand. The YouTube application is the most popular medium in Indonesia. More than one-third of Internet users in Indonesia actively use YouTube. In one day, the average Indonesian uses YouTube for 42.4 minutes. To send messages through advertisement effectively, companies must analyze how to package their advertising properly so that potential customers can receive it well. The main purpose of this study was to test new modified research models and to examine whether or not they can be used further. In addition, this study aimed to test the model on the online video ads that are on YouTube using skippable video ads. This model was used to assess the influence of entertainment, informativeness, irritation, and credibility, and added the new variables of novelty, personalization, and perceived social usefulness to study the behavior of the audience through attitude and intention, which is also influenced by flow. The company can determine which important factors can bring added value for its advertisements. The validity results showed three items that are invalid questions: one item on the intention variable and two items on the behavior variable. All variables were declared reliable, but only nine of the eleven variables had good reliability. The remaining three variables were informativeness, personalization, and flow. This study showed that this model can be used in further research; the modifications made were sufficient to meet the need for research. But many new variables can be added with deeper identification. The results of this study indicated that this model can be used to analyze the behavior of ad viewers with factors that have been determined and added. If this study digs deeper, then the results can show the most important factors that can influence attitudes directly through intention then to behavior. With the discovery of the most influential factors, companies need to consider them more closely in order to create effective and efficient advertising.