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Effect of job satisfaction and training on turnover intention of Starbucks baristas in Bandung City

WithR.P. Ardi, R. Wahyuningtyas

Employee satisfaction and training are one of the most important factors that can determine employee turnover intentions. The data of this research were obtained by distributing questionnaires to 100 respondents who were Starbucks baristas in 17 Bandung City outlets. The data obtained were then analyzed using multiple linear regression methods. The result revealed that job satisfaction and training had a negative and significant influence on employee turnover intentions, both partially and simultaneously. Increased job satisfaction and training was able to reduce employee turnover intentions. Since the job satisfaction has a potential effect on organizational outcomes, features of job enrichment should be considered in designing jobs, so that an effective quality management strategy can be implemented. Several weak positive relationships between high involvement and quality managements with perceived job demands was also investigated in more detailed studies of employee welfare.