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Rotated and mutated comparative employee analysis in Telkomsel Area 2

WithT.B. Isnandiko, J. Sembiring

Rotation is the periodic change of employees from one task to another. In this study the author sought to compare the performance of employees who experienced and did not experience rotation in Telkomsel Area 2 Jabodetabek Jabar in 2016. This study was a comparative descriptive study. The results of various test calculations indicated differences between the performance of employees who experienced rotation and mutation and those who did not in Telkomsel Area 2. This study used 194 respondents. This study found an increase in employee performance in terms of quality and quantity, timelines, and interpersonal impact, but it also revealed a decrease in performance after rotating and mutating in terms of cost-effectiveness and monitoring. Suggestion stemming from this research include training and employee gathering and the implementation of reward and punishment.