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Measurement tool for analyzing the influence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives on consumer attitude, satisfaction, and loyalty at PT. BNI Tbk

WithIndrawati, R.R. Padang

The implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in activities of charity and empowerment has increased for various companies in Indonesia. One of them is PT. BNI Tbk. This research was done so that BNI can map consumer behavior for the future in terms of attitudes, satisfaction, and customer loyalty. To improve and retain customers requires understanding consumer perceptions related to CSR. This study aimed to propose a measurement tool based on the model of Paluri and Mehra (2018), which was modified for this study based on literature studies with the addition of variables. The loyalty variable has been added as a new dependent variable in this modification. Measurement tools were tested using thirty respondents. This pilot test has revealed that the measurement model fulfills the requirements of validity and reliability. Therefore, this proposed measurement material is ready for use in further study.