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The effect of corporate social responsibility disclosure on earnings per share in listed mining in Indonesia

WithD. Hanni, A. Krisnawati

In recent years, the role of business in emerging countries has turned into a socially responsible approach. One such nation is Indonesia, which has laws regulating corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities for operating companies. Companies have responded to these changes and rules by implementing CSR activities. Corporate social responsibility activities have a relationship with company performance because costs are involved in carrying out these activities. A company’s performance can be measured by financial aspects, such as earnings per share (EPS). This study aimed to determine the relationship of corporate social responsibility discloser (CSRD) to EPS with control variables consisting of leverage and firm size. This research used quantitative methods with panel data analysis techniques. The research sample comprised twenty-nine companies in the mining sector listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) during the period 2013 to 2017. The results of this study indicated that CSRD has no significant effect on EPS and the control variables simultaneously with CSRD also have no significant effect on EPS. Even so, it is still recommended that companies continue implementing and increasing CSR activities.