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The role of youth in managing village-owned enterprises (BUMDES) through digital marketing

WithB. Albab, A.I. Munandar

Youth play a role in carrying out national development, and entrepreneurship is also an inherent role for youth, based on statistical data released by the Central Agency on Statistics (Badan Pusat Statistik) (BPS) in 2018. Per the BPS, 87.44% of youth own cell phones, 34.01% of youth are computer users, and 73.37% of youths are Internet users. Based on data obtained from the Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration states that village-owned enterprises (BUMDES) as of November 2018 reached 41,000 units spread over 74,957 villages, and the government is supporting digital marketing through the BUMDES Go Digital program. The purpose of this study was to learn the extent of the role of youth in managing BUMDES through digital marketing. This research used a qualitative method that consisted of an analysis of the role of rural youth entrepreneurship in the management of BUMDES through digital marketing by taking a sample in Garut Regency of Indonesia. Steps taken in general were to ask questions according to research, collect data from related parties, analyze data inductively from specific or general discussions, and interpret the meaning of the data obtained. The results of this study indicated that youth have begun to be involved in the management of BUMDES, but their competence in management is still lacking, the use of technology and marketing using digital marketing systems is still not optimal, and the central government provides no specific assistance in managing BUMDES using the digital marketing system. This study recommended that the government provide training to young people in order to improve their competence in managing BUMDES, and training and guidance in the use of technology in running digital marketing systems.