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The effect of Online Native Advertising on the attitude of Tokopedia consumers in Bandung city

WithA. Pramodhana, M. Ariyanti

This study aims to analyze the attitude of Tokopedia consumers in Bandung city to the new digital advertising format, namely Online Native Advertising Tokopedia which is expected to give a better impression than its former. The population in this study is domiciled in Bandung city who uses Tokopedia applications and services. The sample used in this study was 450 respondents using the Tokopedia application. The method of data collection is done through the distribution of questionnaires online such as GoogleDocs delivered to various social media to 450 respondents Tokopedia users who are domiciled in Bandung city. From the questionnaire distributed, data processing was carried out using Smart PLS 3.0. The result of the study has shown that there are four factors significantly influence the Online Native Advertisement Value, namely Entertainment, Information, Irritation (negative), and Personalization. There are three factors that significantly influence the Context Awareness Value, namely Personalization, Timing, and Location. Online Native Advertisement Value and Context Awareness Value have a significant effect on Online Native Advertising Attitude. The model in this study is proven to be able to predict Online Native Advertisement Value, Context Awareness Value, and Online Native Advertising Attitude of consumers to Online Native advertisements delivered by Tokopedia because it shows good R2 values of 48%, 44.2%, and 56%. This research has found that the most influential factor in the model that influences the value of advertisements on Tokopedia consumer attitudes is Location. This can be a reference that Tokopedia Online Native Advertising can provide information or offer products offered based on the location of consumers with merchants who sell products in Tokopedia with the closest distance between locations.