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Analysis of mining method conditions of the Verkhnekamskoye potash field at «EuroChem – Usolskiy potash plant» mine

WithS.S. Andrejlko, D.I. Zverev, E.V. Lukyanec

Mine “Usolsky potash plant” is located in the marginal zone of the southern part of the field, which is characterized by low resisting power, which complicates actual mining. There are no balance reserves of the AB bed in the mine field of the Usolsky mine, but there are very significant reserves of the sylvinite Krasny II and Krasny III beds. Such a change in the mining of mine fields determines the need for a detailed assessment of the used actual mining and the parameters of the mining method. Research objective is the analysis of possible flow diagrams of dredging of stocks of the 1st southeast panel. In the course of the research the following problems are solved: increase in stability of rocks and safety of work in breakage face. Recommended for use is the mining method, in which the excavation of the silvinite Krasny II bed will be mined by a continuous miner machine Joy12HM46 (width 4.1 m), and the Krasny III bed will be mined by Ural-20R.