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The embankment formation for conveyor under harsh conditions

WithS.P. Bakhaeva, E.V. Chernych

Development of the unique Udokan copper mining of strategic importance is complicated by avalanche hazard of the territory, permafrost, high (10 points) seismic activity of the area, and mudflows presence. The most problematic issue under these conditions is to ensure safety of dumps and embankments for transport facilities – conveyor highways and sections of which are crossed by the mountain rivers valleys. Embankment construction under the harsh climatic conditions of the Zabaikalsky region requires mandatory consideration of factors, the negative impact of which is accompanied by the complicated engineering-and-geological phenomena in the form of various deformations. Stability of the most weakened section in the ravine talweg is proposed to increase by additional holding forces of the lateral thrust by giving an embankment a shape of a horseshoe. It is proposed to reduce a short-term negative impact on the embankment retaining prism from great water flows and water-stone mudflows in the flood period by means of special measures for construction of the drainage facilities.