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ULAPh as an alternative photogrammetric method of archaeological documentation

WithP.D. Cierpich, J.E. Ruchała

This paper concerns research work aimed at developing Digital Terrain Models of archaeological sites without using aerial photographs from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The method developed was called ULAPh, which stands for Ultra Low Altitude Photogrammetry. Authors present methodology of conducting surveys and the outcome of the research aimed at determining the accuracy of photogrammetric products. Moreover, the optimisation of the control network as well as the quantity of photos is outlined. Authors conducted analyses consisting in determining the accuracy of twelve different datasets. Each of them differ in the quantity of stations, taken photos as well as control points. The most important issue was to choose appropriate parameters while maintaining desired accuracy and moderate workload. The second significant point was a comparison between DTMs derived from different methods. The reference measurement was executed with FARO FocusM70 laser scanner and ground close-range photogrammetry.