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Method to reduce harmful emissions when diesel locomotives operate in coal mines

WithA.M. Eremeeva, N.K. Kondrasheva, G.I. Korshunov

The maximum permissible concentrations of poisonous and harmful gases in the mine atmosphere in existing underground mines during the operation of self-propelled mining equipment with diesel drive used for the transport of people and mined minerals, repair and other types of work were considered. The qualitative composition of pollutants during the operation of a diesel engine has been studied, namely, the main emissions that cause dangerous diseases in workers and their concentrations have been determined. The main characteristics of the ZETOR 1404 turbo diesel engine were obtained and studied, and the amount of harmful emissions generated from the use of diesel fuel in this engine was determined. The values of the annual and maximum one-time release of pollutants into the atmosphere during the operation of the diesel engine “ZETOR 1404 turbo” are calculated. The main methods of reducing emissions of pollutants from diesel vehicles into the atmosphere were also considered, and a method was proposed for reducing harmful substances in exhaust gases by changing the composition of diesel fuel, namely, introducing an environmentally friendly bio-additive into oil fuel, which, when burned, harmful compounds do not formed.