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Real-Time GNSS precise positioning with Trimble RTX in archaeological works

WithA. Ochałek, M. Bernaś, E. Puniach

This paper concerns the results of using Spectra Precision SP60 GNSS receiver in the geodetic works supporting archaeological researches. The receiver is equipped with an L-Band antenna, thanks to which, it is possible to get the Trimble CenterPoint RTX corrections in real time. The measurements were carried out as a part of the projects “Wyprawa BARI”. The main goals of the expeditions were connected with popularization and protection of archaeological remains. Modern geodetic measurement technologies, including precise satellite positioning, were used to help in this. Trimble RTX technology was tested in two different environments - in Cyprus and in Jordan. Authors focused also on describing the usefulness of RTX technology at diverse archaeological sites. Moreover, because the manufacturer provided that this innovative technology enables measurements with an accuracy of even 2 cm (horizontally) authors focused also on accuracy verification of measurements performing with Spectra Precision SP60.