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Seismic and geological characteristics of Devonian and Carboniferous deposits in the southwest of the Tomsk region

WithK.I. Kanakova, M.S. Kanakov

Today in Russia there is an acute issue of increasing the mineral resource base. The promising areas are the exploration of the Arctic and offshores. At the same time, it is important to study new stratigraphic sequences in the areas where petroleum production is carried out. One of such sequences includes the deposits of the upper part of the Paleozoic basement of the West Siberian Plate. In this paper we consider the area where hydrocarbon pools are discovered in carbonate and clastic-carbonate sediments of Devonian-Carboniferous and weathering crusts covering them. We used integrated interpretation of CDP seismic data, well logs and core description to construct a geological model of study area. As a result we identified two types of reservoirs with different lithological composition and prediction criteria for the oil and gas content.