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New approach to the forecasting of hydrocarbon deposits in the north-eastern part of Timan-Pechora province including the Arctic shelf

WithI.A. Marakova, V.B. Rostovschikov

Today, in order to replenish the mineral resource base, it is necessary to optimize geological exploration in new areas, covering poorly known complexes. In the Timan-Pechora province, one of these areas is the search for oil and gas deposits in the poorly known terrigenous oil and gas complexes Permian and Triassic ages. For the solution of these tasks and further systematic development, a technique for tectonic-facially-dynamic forecasting (TTFDF) (Grunis et al., 2018, Marakova, 2018) of hydrocarbon traps has been developed for the first time, based on finding out the conditions of their formation and patterns of accomodation.