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Minimizing the seismic effects of blasting works on the environment in the mining of raw materials

WithJ. Fehér, J. Čambál

The adverse or harmful seismic impact of the blasting operations is an important issue limiting the general and moreover reasonable tendency focused on the increase of the blasting operations extent. The unreasonable high technical seismic safety is the reason for the decrease of the explosive charges and blastings and as a consequence it causes the lower economic efficiency of both the shooting and blasting and quarrying. On the contrary, the underestimation of the seismic impacts could cause large scale material damages. Currently the identification of these harmful impacts and the assessment of the seismic security present an actual issue. In this paper there is described the method which enables due to the analyzed data to assess the propagation speed of the seismic waves in the quarries. The obtained data on the propagation speed of the seismic waves in the rock medium enable to optimize the millisecond timing of the blasting operations and therefore the attenuation of the seismic waves can be enlarged on the receptor and furthermore the seismic safety of the blasting operations can be ensured. Systematic measurement of seismic effects in blasting is an inherent part in detecting adverse effects on the surrounding environment. On the basis of the measured values, we are able, if necessary, to carry out operational measures to optimize blasting performance.