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Body modernization as a way of improving the efficiency of mining dump tracks

WithY.A. Bazyleu, R.А. Basalai

The durability of the body of a mining dump truck depends on its design, as well as the peculiarities of the process of unloading rocks from the body. A tipping bucket body is widely used on dump trucks of leading world manufacturers. The disadvantage of this design is the increased wear of the inner walls of the body when unloading abrasive rock. In a body dump truck of bucket type with a protective visor, the bottom is made of rubber with a thickness of 50-60 mm, supported by interchangeable transverse polypropylene ropes attached to the sides of the body. Also in tipping bodies of bucket-type mining dump trucks with a protective visor, inner walls of the bottom and sideboards are lined with metal or rubber sheets.

The wear of the inner walls of the body when unloading abrasive rock can be significantly reduced because the inner walls of the sides and the bottom are made corrugated.

The authors have developed three fundamentally new technical solutions for the modernization of the body:

- inner walls and the bottom along the inclined plane are to be made corrugated.

- the body bottom of a dump truck in a place, where it is limited by the back edge of the body, and in front part it is limited by a transverse slewing joint, is to have trapezoidal recess.

- the bottom body in places of a probable sticking of the formation is offered to be equipped with nozzles having directional effect.