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Analysis of the possibility of increasing the energy efficiency of a selected single-family house

WithT. Bujok, M. Kwiatkowski

The thesis involves a contemporary energy problem, especially the progressive degradation of the environment and evaluates the influence of individual sections on air pollution, specifically on a low-pollution occurrence. In particular, the thesis is focused on the municipal and household sector. The better part of existing polish buildings is old, so the wooden building, covered by an asbestos tile was analyzed in this essay and its energy efficiency was evaluated. This house is located in Silesia region. Subsequently, it focused on a proposal of safe disassembly items, which contains a fiber cement and the energy-efficient refurbishment (EER). Two renovation options are proposed and one of them is made to keep the specificity of wooden construction, which is so important in the context of sustainable development. In thesis was also analyzed the technical, economic and environmental aspects of undertaken activities. Furthermore, the capabilities of financing the EER was discussed also in the elaboration.