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Increasing the life of tires and dump tracks

WithK.V. Fanin, R.А. Basalai

Life time of tires o dump trucks depends on their design and materials used, as well as the conditions and modes of operation of machines.

The analysis shows that the destruction of the layers of the cord and the metal tracker of tires occurs during their long-term operation with a significant excess from the nominal capacity, with increased hardness and abrasiveness of the rocks of the mining field, poor quality of technological roads and areas for loading and unloading of the rock, with the intensity of machine maneuvers in laden condition with extremely small turning radii, as well as severe climatic conditions at the quarry. As the main directions of increasing the life of tires dump trucks can be identified as follows:

– formation of optimal technological routes taking into account the reduction of maneuvers of vehicles in a laden state with extremely small turning radii;

– modernization of unloading dump trucks at the crushing and screening plants;

– development of recommendations for optimization of operating modes of machines, taking into account the climatic conditions at the quarry.