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Improving the efficiency of petroleum transport systems by operative monitoring of oil flows and detection of illegal incuts

WithA.V. Kopteva, V.V. Starshaya, V.I. Malarev, V.Yu. Koptev

The paper proposes a model of a radioisotope measuring system, including monitoring the presence of illegal incuts, paraffin deposits, head of oil flow in a controlled area with simultaneous measurement of its density, speed and quantity. The measurement principle is based on the Lambert-Beer law that describes the dependence between the gamma-radiation frequency and the density together with the linear attenuation coefficient for a substance. The rate of fluid flow is determined by the labeling method, due to the detection of free gas in a moving stream. Local head losses caused by changes in the nature of the pipeline and various inserts were determined by the adapted Weisbach formulas. The relative error in measuring the amount of free gas is 0.2%. Safety is a key advantage, when using the proposed control system.