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Well controlling using fiber-optic gyroscopes in the rotary steerable system design

WithS. Krivoshchekov, A. Melekhin, A. Shcherbakov, Y. Melekhina

During construction of wells with a complex profile, rotary steerable systems are becoming more and more used, which allow you to change the well drilling direction without lifting the drill string. In conjunction with the RSS, telemetry systems for determining and controlling the trajectory of the wellbore are mandatory used. To determine the zenith and azimuth angle at each point of the well, inclinometric sensors are used – most often magnetometers and accelerometers. However, in the systems of land, air and sea navigation, gyroscopic systems are increasingly used, the most accurate and high-tech of which are fiber-optic gyroscopes. The article presents the results of laboratory tests of RSS navigation unit experimental sample built on the basis of solid-state fiber-optic gyroscopes produced in Russia. The research results suggest the possibility of using this sensor type for wells drilling.