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Possibilities of application of spoil container in coal mine

WithP. Kiljan, A. Kiljan, K. Kalinowski

The current market situation of mine coal, mining plants have problems of technical and economic challenges. Rising production costs and competition on the market in the form of increasing raw material imports force mining management to reduce costs, increase efficiency.

The article presents problems and potential solution in mine coal. In many mining plants due to geological and mining conditions is carried out below the level of accessibility. This model of the mine enforces maintaining a very complex series of belt conveyor, often consisting of 7 or even 10 conveyor belts. Within of working conveyors a failure or an unplanned stoppage of one of them causes the entire production chain to be suspended. One solution to increase production efficiency is to reduce or eliminate stoppages. The application an underground storage of spoil is as one of the solution of this problem.