chapter  9
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Development as a factor in the religion and human security nexus in Africa

WithMolly Manyonganise

This chapter looks at the place of development in the nexus between religion and human security in Africa. It explains use of the sociological definition of religion. Koponen avers that the term ‘security-development nexus’ can be seen as a neat and tidy expression of widespread feeling that security is becoming an integral part of development and vice versa. Despite their importance, religious actors in Africa need to introspect on the negative side of religion on human security and human development in order to find ways in which negative attitudes can be done away with. The chapter underscores the centrality of religion to both human security and development in Africa and shows that religion is an ambivalent concept in both areas. It recommends that religion be brought to the centre of both human security and development discourses, but it has also encouraged the need to be cautious of religion’s ambivalence in both fields.