chapter  13
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Engaging youth for a sustainable culture of peace and security in Kenya

The role of faith-based/inspired organizations and other non-state actors
WithDamaris S. Parsitau

This chapter seeks to understand specific roles that non-state actors are playing in co-creating peace as well as nurturing youth in peacebuilding through examination of their varied interventionist programmes, teachings and beliefs and whether these are addressing the youth question. It is based on recent ethnographic research, analysis of literature, observations of development issues in public life, interviews with varied peace practitioners, youth, women and faith/spiritual leaders in the last five years. Using ethnographic data collected on four faith-based/inspired organizations in Kenya, the chapter explores the roles of organizations in harnessing youth power for peace and security in Kenya. It argues that faith-based organizations and faith-inspired organizations have attempted to fill this lacuna to prepare, innovate and be productive human resources in the Kenyan society. The chapter examines the varied forms of youth and peacebuilding by varied faith-based organizations in Kenya in a bid to co-create peace and a culture of sustainable peace in communities.