chapter  15
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From faith through hospital to faith

Value prisms of health seeking in Ghana
WithSimon Kofi Appiah

This chapter explores how religion can be conceptualized in relation to human security by studying health-seeking behaviour in Ghana. From the perspective of philosophy of religion, it proposes that the trend of health seeking in Ghana is gradually systematizing into a transformative process towards merging traditional personalistic and emerging biomedical aetiologies. In a pilot research at Bator Dugame, health personnel expressed their frustration and sometimes anger at what they consider to be delayed hospital attendance by patients. During a personal interview with a junior medical officer on rotation at the Bator hospital, she expressed her frustration as she described the ease with which patients or their family members requested discharge from hospital against medical advice. The consideration of religious approaches to health as the search for meaning in life makes health an equally valid value for all social classes and people of different economic and educational persuasions.