chapter  4
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African traditional religion and human security in Ghana

WithSamuel Awuah-Nyamekye

This chapter aims at examining the relationship between religion and human security in Ghana using the indigenous Ghanaian religion, officially known as African Traditional Religion, as a case study. It argues Religion and Human Security in Africa that ‘religion and security can be seen as playing complementary roles because religion is supposed to provide security for humanity in order for it to thrive’. The chapter refers to all human actions that are mediated by religion that can either positively or negatively affect human existential life. It seeks to stress that an individual’s security implies state security because a state is made up of individuals, and when the individuals within the state are secured it means that there is security in the entire state. The chapter discusses other factors, such as disregard for African Traditional Religion, usurpation of powers of the traditional rulers and the gradual collapse of the extended family system as issues that are militating against the role.