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Chemical composition and genesis of serpentinite group minerals in nickeliferous weathering crust of the Elov deposit (Urals)

WithE. Nikolaeva, I. Talovina, V. Nikiforova, G. Heide

The extremely complex geological structure of the substrate of the Elov deposit (the Nothern Ural), the large variety of source rocks, the long development period of various weathering processes occurring in different geological eras and different climatic conditions caused a very complex structure of the deposit’ weathering crust and a huge variety of weathering residues of the source rocks, the majority of which is nickel-containing with industrial concentrations of useful components in them.

The article is devoted to the analysis of chemical composition and genesis of antigorite on the Elov deposit. The features of the minerals of the serpentinite group and antigorite in particular are described, and the chemical composition of antigorite is given according to the research results. Experimental data confirming the formation of antigorite in the close vicinity to dikes is presented.