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Optimization of gas pipeline operation modes considering the condition of gas compressor units

WithA.V. Kokorin, A.M. Schipachev

One of the leading directions of natural gas saving in PJSC “Gazprom” is the optimization of operation modes of compressor stations. This method is performed without additional capital costs for reconstruction and modernization. The research is dedicated to optimization taking into account the current condition of compressing facilities by entering values of condition rates. To increase productivity and accuracy of calculations, a program was created. The program is able to make calculations at the design stage as well as at the operational stage of the gas pipeline life cycle. The program could be developed by adding parameters of modern equipment, namely gas turbines, centrifugal compressors, and gas air cooling units. The effect of reducing the condition of gas turbines and centrifugal compressors on costs in a compressor station is investigated. It is demonstrated that the fuel gas condition rate of gas turbines has a greater effect than the other rates.