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Studies of mixing high viscosity petroleum and pyrolysis resin to improve quality indicators

WithR. Sultanbekov, M. Nazarova

This paper analyzes the problem of recycling tires and rubber products. Environmentally friendly recycling is pyrolysis. The resulting pyrolysis fuel can be used for furnace boilers. However, the quality of this fuel is low due to the high sulfur content and ash content. The solution to this problem can be a mixture of pyrolysis fuel with fuel oil. This will allow to achieve energy saving, environmental friendliness and a positive economic effect. The mixture of fuels allows to improve the quality indicators, namely to reduce the viscosity and sulfur content. Laboratory studies on the mixing of pyrolysis resin with a highly viscous petroleum product were carried out, various ratios were analyzed and the quality indicators of the mixture were determined. Completed the rationale for the proposed solution.