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Disinfection of waste waters of industrial enterprises by vibroacoustic method

WithGennady Fedorov, Yuri Agafonov, Carsten Drebenstedt

The authors studied a physical mechanism of the disinfection process under the influence of elastic vibrations through analyzing hydrodynamic situation when the treated liquid flows through the acoustic line, as well as the disinfection process dependence on the modes and parameters of elastic vibrations. We established that vibroacoustic oscillations do improve disinfection process variables. The process effectiveness and productivity depend on the oscillation speed amplitude, frequency and the acoustic line cross-section. A method how to calculate an optimum mode for vibroacoustic disinfection has been developed. We developed a vibroacoustic apparatus model which has been successfully tested in laboratory conditions. The results of research demonstrated its application potential in water-sludge facilities of industrial enterprises.