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Holistik responsible mining approach

WithCarsten Drebenstedt

The chair surface mining at Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg understands sustainability in mining at first and foremost as responsible behavior of the mining companies, which takes into account the-mentioned aspects of sustainability. The topic of mining safety is the basis and prerequisite for any of the topics e.g. coal fires or residual pillar extraction. With the selected research areas and topics the chair surface mining contribute to a responsible mining approach with balanced consideration of economic, environmental, social and safety aspects and to the responsibility, that even future generations can use the geo-materials. To optimize the mining process under considering of both, economic and environmental/social aspects, a comprehensive investigation of all processes along the process chain over the life cycle is necessary. Two mining approaches are possible: with “maximum” or “moderate” profit. The improvement of mining industry must be happening always to keep the public acceptance.