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Responsible mining

WithO. Langefeld, A. Binder

Mining influences the natural and social environment largely. More than other businesses, the mining industry is aware of this impact, especially regarding their historical legacy. This awareness and the dealing with the impact characterize responsible mining. The common definition of sustainable development reflects the combination of that awareness and the handling of development in present and future. Refusal of mining does not represent a sustainable development because the present generation needs raw materials for their living. Rather, mining needs to be performed with regard to the responsibility for the present and the future. Therefore, mapping of needs and impacts represents an essential task for sustainable activities. Taking up the definition of sustainable development, responsible mining should shape the presence, add value, keep doors open for future generation, and provide them a plurality of options without comprising future abilities. Hereafter, thoughts and ideas for those areas are presented for sustainable mine practice. Afterwards, possibilities are shown to integrate discussed aspects into mining engineering education.