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Modeling of operation modes of electrical supply systems with non-linear load

WithV.N. Kostin, A.V. Krivenko, V.A. Serikov

A power supply system with voltage up to 1000 V, comprising a power supply source – a transformer, linear load, a capacitor bank and non-linear load – a three-phase bridge rectifier as a generator of higher current harmonics, have been considered. To study non-sinusoidal operation modes of the power supply system, its three-phase computer model has been developed. To assess the computer model reliability, the method of physical simulation was used. Qualitative agreement of the results of computer and physical models has been obtained by all the basic parameters: the spectrum of higher harmonics, their values and patterns of spreading over the power supply system elements. Some quantitative differences in the simulation results are apparently associated with the basic assumption accepted, i.e. representation, via the computer model, of the power supply system parameters, calculated for the fundamental harmonic.